June News!

Greetings from GLI! We hope everybody out there is doing well, and of course, staying safe. 

Here at GLI, classes continue online with an awesome group of students who make us smile every day, even if we can only see their smiling faces online! We continue to work hard to make sure all our students continue to make progress towards their goals, and, of course, we’re still welcoming new students from around the world, even though they are still at home!


We've got a few new things coming up, like an earlier start time for the Oral Communication class for students in different time-zones. And of course, with online learning, now anybody can register for just one class, so you can choose to take just the morning or afternoon class. Click the links below to learn more if you - or anybody you know! - is interested!

Finally, to all our alumni around the world, we miss you guys, and we hope you’re all doing well. Please stay in touch. We want to hear what you’re doing and how you’re doing! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay well! We can’t wait to see you guys in person soon!

Get Ready For College this Fall!

With our classes now online, students anywhere in the world can participate in our Intensive English Program, taking full advantage of our awesome teachers from the comfort of their homes! So if you -- or someone you know! -- is starting college in Fall, now’s a great time to sign up for a 4-week Online intensive academic English preparation class. Choose from Reading, Writing & Grammar or Oral Communication, and remember, you get real-time, face-to-face online instruction with our highly-qualified, experienced instructors like David, Matt and Elizabeth, along with other highly-motivated students!

Got questions? Contact Shelby and she’ll be happy to help!

Different time-zone? No problem!

If you’re interested in joining GLI’s online classes, but you’re concerned about the time-difference, now you have a new option! Starting July 13th, you can choose to take your oral communication class from 7:00-8:50 a.m. CDT every morning, Monday through Friday. That's a start-time of 8:00 pm in China, 7:00 pm in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, and 9:00 pm in Korea and Japan. You get to take part in the class, get all the benefit of GLI's Intensive English Program from the comfort of your home, and you won't have to lose any sleep!

Got questions? Contact Shelby and she’ll be happy to help!

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