Whether you prefer to live with an American family, in your own apartment, or stay at one of the comfortable hotels in downtown St. Paul, GLI will help you find the best solution.


GLI will be happy to help you arrange hotel accommodation in one of the many comfortable, elegant hotels within walking distance of the school in downtown St. Paul. You may also choose to stay in downtown Minneapolis, a short bus ride away. Please contact us at for current information and availability.

Family Homestay

Living with an American family is a wonderful way to improve your English language skills and learn about life in the United States! 

GLI students live with carefully selected homestay families. GLI does not contract with a third-party homestay placement company. Rather, students are placed with families whom we know personally and whose homes we have visited. All meals are included except weekday lunches.
If you want to live with an American family during your time at GLI, please complete the Student Homestay Family Form and return it when you apply to GLI or as soon as possible. Information about your family will be provided to you before you arrive in the US.


If you would like to live in an apartment while studying at GLI, we will be happy to send you information about apartment options in our area.  Please note that GLI does not guarantee availability and is not responsible for arrangements made by students. Please contact us at for more information.