Student Services

Intensive English Program

GLI wants you to feel comfortable at our school and in our city.

We have many services to help you!


If you would like to open up a checking account and/or obtain a cash (ATM) card, we will be happy to help you. There are banks within walking distance from GLI. A GLI staff member will go with you to open a bank account, if you need help.

Communication (Mail and Fax)

All GLI students may use the GLI school address to receive mail.

Global Language Institute
340 Cedar Street, Suite 25
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 USA

Faxes can be received at GLI at no cost. (651) 209-3520. 
Students may also send faxes from the GLI office for a small charge.

Independent Learning Lab (ILL)

Computers, printers, and a scanner are available to all students for school and personal use. You may also request additional materials from GLI staff such as reading materials, grammar books, and DVDs/CDs to supplement your coursework.

Academic Advising

If you want to attend a college or university in the US, GLI’s University Placement Service will help! GLI’s Director of Student Services & Collegiate Relations will research schools and provide personal guidance. She will work closely with the Academic Director in helping you to make an Individualized Educational Plan that fits your needs.


Free tutoring is available to all Intensive English Program students. For your personal progress or satisfaction, you can receive additional help in any area that is important to you or just practice speaking English with a native speaker!

Internet Access

Internet access is available to all students at no additional cost. WiFi is also available in the classroom areas.


We highly recommend that GLI students use the convenient bus system to get to and from school. We will be happy to help you purchase bus cards and tell you how to use the bus and light rail train system.

Medical Services

Excellent medical and dental facilities are just minutes from GLI. If you need help in obtaining medical attention, we will assist you by setting up appointments, bringing you to clinics, assisting you in completing paperwork, etc.

Weekend/Travel Plans

The weekend is a great time for students to experience and learn more about the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis) and its people. GLI organizes activities each session. Also, our Director of Student Services will help you find other activities and events that interest you. In addition, GLI staff will help you with arrangements for travel within Minnesota, the US, and abroad.

Counseling Assistance

All of us at GLI believe in an “open door” policy – we are here to help you and welcome you to come to talk with us about your classes, your life in Minnesota, and your family back home. Someone is always happy to listen.