Intensive English Program

GLI’s curriculum benefits all students, but it reflects the intensive nature of a university-based Intensive English Program. After a comprehensive intake assessment, students are placed in classes according to their level of proficiency. Students may place at different levels in the Reading, Writing, and Grammar courses than in the Oral Communication Skills courses. Modern methods taught by dynamic, highly qualified teachers help students to learn at their highest level. Students are assessed based on a variety of factors, and a progress report is provided following each session.

Immersion Level

Reading, Writing, and Grammar: Develop your grammatical skills and structures while increasing your reading comprehension. Learn to write well-developed sentences using correct word order and verb tenses.

Listening and Speaking: Increase your listening comprehension and vocabulary through films and aural activities. Develop your speaking skills through discussions and short presentations.

Developing Level

Reading, Writing, and Grammar: Learn the appropriate use of verb tenses, articles, conjunctions, and transition words. Develop your ability to read and understand a variety of texts as a means to express your own ideas. Learn to write well-developed paragraphs with main idea and support sentences.

Listening and Speaking: Increase your listening and speaking skills through listening logs, presentations, self-recording, role-plays, and interviews. Develop increasingly intelligible American English pronunciation to express yourself clearly in daily communication situations.

Mastering Level

Reading, Writing, and Grammar: Expand your knowledge of more advanced grammar and more complex sentence structure. Read challenging materials to increase your analytical skills, and write at least a five-paragraph essay in MLA style.

Listening and Speaking: Develop your listening comprehension skills using audio and DVD recordings. Demonstrate fluency and increase your confidence in using spoken English. Give a well-developed, well-presented speech.

Accelerated Level

Reading, Writing, and Grammar: Advance your reading skills and vocabulary, including analytical and critical thinking skills. Understand research strategies and how to apply them. Refine use of complex grammatical structures, address gaps, and learn to recognize weaknesses and self-edit. Produce at least a five-page paper that is free of global errors and with appropriate citations in MLA or APA style.

Listening and Speaking: Refine your listening comprehension skills by listening to authentic conversations and academic lectures. Improve your fluency and accuracy in spoken English to be able to function successfully at a US university or in a professional setting.


Elective courses change each session, offering students an opportunity to choose from a variety of interesting topics. Your choice of electives will be determined by your level. An elective may focus on a specific skill that you need to work on, such as reading, idioms, vocabulary, computer skills, or pronunciation. Some electives are content-based, integrating all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Sample Electives

IELTS and TOEFL iBT Preparation, Sounds of English, Film Club, Grammar Workshop, Advanced Academic Strategies, US Culture, Listening Through Popular Music, English Through Drama, Spelling and Word Processing Skills, Build Your Vocabulary, Making Sense of US TV Humor, English For Medical Professionals, and others.